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Winter Gardening

Have you ever wondered how people produce those amazing cauliflower in March or how to grow your own salad greens throughout the cold winter months? Organizers are excited about this series which provides practical information for successful winter gardening. Growing winter vegetables is fun, provides increased food security, and reduces Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions.

~Past Events ~


A Community Food Security Forum

Friday, March 30 & Saturday, March 31

Location:  Gulf Islands Secondary School



Hosted by SSI Community Services with partners Salt Springers for Safe Food, Island Natural Growers,  SSI Energy Strategy, Farmers Institute.  Funding support from Vancouver Island Health Authority—Community Food Action Initiative


Setting the Table for Food and
Agriculture on
Salt Spring Island

Community Dialogue Session #1: Issues
Saturday, January 20,
1.30 – 4.30 pm
Location: GISS Multi-purpose room
Background for Dialogue 1
Dialogue 1 - Summary

Community Dialogue Session #2: Opportunities
Saturday, February 17,
1.30- 4.30 pm
Location: GISS Multi-purpose room
Background for Dialogue 2

Community Dialogue Session #3: Vision
Saturday, March 10, Time and Location: To be confirmed

The Salt Spring Island community is embarking on a process of developing an Area Farm Plan.  We are seeking the involvement of all groups and individuals who have a stake in Salt Spring Island’s food and agriculture system: eaters, farmers, retailers, restauranteurs, food processors, community organizations, tourism operators and others. The purpose of this letter is to invite you to participate in the planning process and to provide you with some further details.

 The goal of this project is to develop an Area Farm Plan for Salt Spring Island that will re-establish agriculture and associated activities as a social, cultural and economic priority on Salt Spring and facilitate the growth of associated farming activities. The final plan will make recommendations with a particular focus on local policies, planning and land use and will provide input into the OCP Review process.  Our goal is to have a final plan that clearly reflects the issues, opportunities and vision of our unique community.

The process is sponsored by the Island Natural Growers, the Islands Farmers Institute and the Islands Trust with funding support from the BC Investment Agriculture Foundation, the BC Ministry of Agriculture and Lands and the CRD.  

A key part of the process will be three Community Dialogue Sessions that we hope you can attend. The Dialogue Sessions are designed to provide you with the opportunity to discuss a variety of issues related to the future of agriculture and food on Salt Spring Island.  The meetings are designed to build on each other, so we hope you can attend all three.

The input and feedback received at the Community Dialogue Sessions will play a critical role in shaping the final Area Farm Plan, which will be completed late in 2007.

While everyone is welcome to participate, we do ask for advance registration. Please RSVP for the first Community Dialogue Session by January 15, 2007. A background document and other information will be sent to you a week prior to the meeting. 

Thank you in advance for your participation. We look forward to working with you.

Anne Macey
For the Steering Committee, Salt Spring Island Area Farm Plan
RSVP to or 537 5511 

Eating locally-produced, fresh, seasonal food is good for you and the environment. Cutting the number of miles your food has travelled and avoiding packaging reduces pollution and waste.

Organic Food

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